Las Vegas Truck Accident Laws - What You Need To Know?

Sharing the road with large semi-trucks and tractor trailers can be a daunting experience — most people have heard horror stories about the long hours truckers work and are rightfully worried about the potential for an accident. According to research by the Nevada Department of Transportation, large trucks were involved in 1,463 crashes in the state in 2010.

If you’ve been hurt in a truck accident in Las Vegas, the injury attorneys at G. Dallas Horton & Associates may be able to help. Our experienced team represents clients in all manner of vehicle and personal injury claims. With our assistance, you can fight back against the big insurance companies and get the settlement you need to recover.


Why Representation Matters

More than perhaps any other type of vehicle accident, it’s often a struggle to obtain adequate compensation in accidents involving large trucks. This is because major transportation companies are lucrative clients for insurance companies. As a result, insurers will go to great lengths to defend them. Compare this to the average driver who pays only a small monthly premium for their vehicle insurance and is likely one of thousands of claims their adjusting staff will process each year.

There is a clear incentive for the trucker’s insurance company to throw expensive legal muscle behind their defense. By hiring a truck accident attorney, you gain an ally that can represent your case skillfully and aggressively, leveling the playing field. With an expert car accident lawyer in Las Vegas on your side, you stand a better chance of getting compensated for the full range of damages you have incurred as a result of a truck driver’s negligence.

What You Are Entitled To

Insurance companies rely primarily on consumer ignorance to avoid paying out expensive settlements. Very few adjusters will inform you of the full extent of what you can claim when you’re injured by a truck driver. Aside from compensation for the damage to your vehicle, you may also be able to claim medical expenses, including hospital bills, physical therapy and prescription medication, as well as lost wages, lost earning potential, pain and suffering damages and more.

 The best way to get a full picture of everything you’re entitled to is by speaking with an impartial truck accident lawyer at Las Vegas’ G. Dallas Horton & Associates. Your initial consultation with our team is free and, unlike your insurance company, our only interest is in getting you the settlement you need to get better.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How soon should I hire an attorney after a truck accident?

A: You should hire an attorney immediately. As soon as possible, you should seek advice from an attorney to protect your rights.

Q: Am I legally required to give a statement to the trucking company or its insurer?

A: No and in fact you should never give a statement without first consulting an attorney. Insurance company’s staff are trained and you are not. Their job is to pay you as little as possible.

Q: Is the compensation with a truck accident case different from other types of cases?

A: No, trucks under Nevada law are treated as a motor vehicle. As such the same rules governing motor vehicles govern trucks with respect to compensation.

Q: What is the trucks "Black Box Recorded Data" and what does that mean?

A: The Black Box will inform the attorney of the driver’s speed, behavior, and impact information. This can be very helpful in establishing liability and damages against the trucking company.

Q: Are there Federal Regulations that govern trucking companies and their drivers?

A: Yes, there are many federal regulations governing national trucking. These regulations include but are not limited to, the maximum amount of time a driver can drive without sleep, the maximum weights of load per truck and how often trucks have to be maintained and checked.

Q: I am the family of someone killed/injured in a truck accident, can I file the case on their behalf?

A: Generally yes, subject to the Nevada probate code and the rights of intestacy.

Real Case Results

G. Dallas Horton & Associates have resolved hundreds of cases in Las Vegas, including cases involving tractor trailers. Here are a few real results from some of our cases:

  • $8.9 million Motor Vehicle Accident
  • $1 million Wrongful Death
  • $1 million Roll Over Motor Vehicle Accident
  • $975,000 Motor Vehicle Accident
  • $800,000 Motor Vehicle Accident
  • $757,000 Motor Vehicle Accident

What to Expect When You Meet With Our Team

During your first consultation with our truck accident lawyers, we’ll review the facts of the incident and help you determine if you have a case. Then, we’ll identify the options available to you for seeking compensation, whether they involve negotiating with your insurer or launching a lawsuit against any of the parties involved. Ultimately, the choice of how to proceed will be yours. We won’t pressure you into pursuing legal action, particularly if there isn’t a good chance of a successful recovery.

Contact us to schedule your free appointment with the truck accident attorneys at Las Vegas’ G. Dallas Horton & Associates today.