Bicycle Accidents

Frequent cyclists know all too well the risks involved in sharing the road with drivers who don’t acknowledge their existence. Bike accidents are a common occurrence in Las Vegas Nevada, and one that is frequently under-reported.

If you’ve been hurt in a bike accident, you owe it to both yourself and other cyclists to fully explore your legal options. That is why having a personal injury attorney in Las Vegas file a lawsuit against someone who has injured you on the road is important, not only for getting compensated for your injuries, but also for bringing visibility to the risks cyclists face every day. By doing so, hopefully you’ll inspire drivers to share the road in a more courteous manner.

Know the Law For Bicycle Accidents

According to Nevada State law, drivers must give bicyclists a minimum of three feet of space when passing ,or give them a full lane on a multi-lane road. Bicyclists are not required to ride on the shoulder. On the road, they are entitled to the same rights — and have the same responsibilities — as any other driver.

Despite this, many drivers routinely risk the lives of safe cyclists by driving in designated bike lanes, failing to yield the right of way, or overtaking a cyclist in an unsafe manner. There’s also the ever-present risk of getting “doored” by someone exiting a parked car without looking.

Bicycle Accident Stats

In 2010, 583 cyclist-vehicle collisions were reported. 527 of these collisions involved injury to the cyclist. This high number may be due to only serious accidents being reported as well as the fact that bikes aren’t equipped with the same safety features as passenger vehicles.

Injuries resulting from a bicycle accident can include broken bones and fractures, back and neck injuries, traumatic brain injury (TBI) and other serious conditions. Recovery times can be long and, occasionally, permanent damage or paralysis can result. If you or someone you care about is facing a difficult journey back to health following a bike accident, you have a legal right to seek compensation from the guilty party.

How a Bike Accident Lawyer Can Help

G. Dallas Horton & Associates is a law firm serving accident victims in Las Vegas and beyond. We provide informed counsel and expert representation in all injury cases — bicycle accidents are no exception.

Our lawyers can represent you at the negotiating table, where they’ll argue for a better settlement from the relevant insurance company. If necessary, we can also argue your case before a judge, where we’ll build a strong case based around medical and other evidence. Depending on the extent of your injuries, a settlement can include compensation for medical bills, pain & suffering, lost wages or working capacity, and more.

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