Sexual Abuse to a Minor Laws

The horror of sexual abuse is something that has long-lasting emotional and physical repercussions. When the victim is a minor and the perpetrator an authority figure, the damage can be much deeper in nature.

While no legal action can undo the trauma involved, a child sexual abuse lawyer can fight for a settlement that will cover some portion of the medical expenses and pain and suffering damages incurred as a result.

Why File a Sexual Abuse Lawsuit?

Too many victims of child sexual abuse refuse to explore their legal options for compensation, believing that an extended lawsuit will only dig up past trauma. While ultimately the decision to pursue civil damages is a personal one, there are compelling reasons why you may wish to file a child sexual abuse lawsuit:

  • The statute of limitations for criminal proceedings has passed
  • There is insufficient evidence to mount a successful criminal trial
  • To obtain some compensation for the emotional distress caused by the incident
  • To expose institutions and conditions that cover up abuse, and spare others the trauma of experiencing it
  • To help you or your child achieve some form of closure on the incident

Who Is Responsible?

One particularly sad reality of child sexual abuse is that it rarely occurs in a vacuum. Too often, organizations and individuals we trust are complicit in cover-ups or simply exercise poor judgment that allows offenders to retain access to children. In certain instances, it may also be possible to file a lawsuit against these complicit parties — whether it’s an adoption agency that fails to properly screen foster parents or a sports organization that turns a blind eye to abuse by a coach.

If the system has let you or your child down in this regard, call G. Dallas Horton & Associates and speak with one of our Las Vegas-based child sexual abuse attorneys today.

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G. Dallas Horton & Associates Helps You Recover

No child should ever have to experience sexual abuse at the hands of an authority figure. Whether the incident happened recently or years ago, the decision to speak out is a courageous one. Victims deserve to know that as they go through the public process of filing a lawsuit, their rights and their privacy will be protected to the full extent of the law.

G. Dallas Horton & Associates has more than 17 years of experience representing clients in all types of abuse cases, and our personal injury lawyers in Las Vegas, Nevada are some of the top legal experts in the state We have the experience necessary to mount a strong case on your behalf while respecting your desire for a fast resolution that lets you or your child move on from the incident quickly.