Las Vegas Bad Faith Insurance Claim Attorney G. Dallas Horton

Nearly everyone has heard or experienced the horror stories of filing an insurance claim. From adjusters that don’t return your call to companies raking in record profits while denying claims, the industry has a notorious reputation.

Never has it been more true that when you’ve been injured in an accident in Las Vegas and you’re getting nowhere with the insurance company. Too many accident victims go through the process of filing a claim, filling out all the necessary paperwork and waiting weeks for a response, only to receive a lowball, “please-go-away” settlement offer or a straight up, no explanation denial. It happens all the time, and that is why it is imperative to make sure you have an experienced car accident lawyer in Las Vegas NV fighting for your rights to a just and fair settlement!

The problem is, it’s YOUR insurance company!

What Is Bad Faith?

You rely on your insurance company to support you in the event of an accident or injury. That means providing appropriate compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, property damages and other losses according to the specifics of your policy.

When your insurance company wrongfully denies or under evaluates your claim, it’s called “bad faith”. Too often, insurance companies depend on people’s ignorance of the law to get away with all sorts of unfair practices. Whether it’s refusing to cover treatment you need to get better, or forcing you to accept a settlement that isn’t adequate for your needs, bad faith is common in the insurance industry.

What most accident victims don’t understand is that, as a policyholder, you have the absolute right to disagree with and question the actions of your insurance company when they treat you in an unreasonable fashion by offering you an amount substantially less than the value of your claim.

Take the First Steps to a Fair Settlement

No matter how strong your case is, the average policyholder won’t have any luck negotiating a better settlement on their own. The sad truth is some insurance companies, even your own, won’t take you seriously until you get a lawyer involved. Our firm will show your insurance company you mean business.

Named a Top 100 Nevada trial lawyer, G. Dallas Horton & Associates’ well-respected bad faith insurance attorneys have the reputation and experience to force your insurer back to the negotiating table. If that fails, we can escalate your case by taking it before a judge, where we’ll provide skilled representation that makes a strong case for your insurance company’s financial responsibility to you.

You can start the process today by speaking with one of the bad faith insurance attorneys at G. Dallas Horton & Associates. Your initial personal injury consultation with our team is always free — we’ll review your accident and the settlement you’ve been offered, and outline the steps necessary to appeal or negotiate it.

When your health and your future is on the line, don’t be afraid to stand up to your insurer. Call us today at 702-820-5917 or send us a message to discuss the possibility of filing a bad faith lawsuit against your insurer.

We’ll Help You Fight Back

At G. Dallas Horton & Associates we know the last thing you need after being injured in an accident is a hassle from your own insurance company. Our Las Vegas, Nevada personal injury attorneys can relieve you of this unnecessary stress by making sure your insurance company stops playing games and starts treating your claim with the respect it deserves.

State common and consumer protection laws give policyholders legal resources for dealing with bad faith insurers. The lawyers at Las Vegas’ G. Dallas Horton & Associates know these laws inside and out and can get you the compensation you deserve.