Looking for a Lawyer in North Las Vegas?

G. Dallas Horton & Associates may be able to help. We have more than 17 years of experience as a personal injury attorney in Las Vegas. Our attorneys have handled over 7,000 injury cases in Nevada, and we know what it takes to get you a fair settlement. Whether you’ve been hurt in an auto accident or injured on private property, there are options available to you that can ease the financial burden associated with a long recovery.

Our lawyers are available around the clock to help North Las Vegas residents the moment an accident occurs. Call our personal injury hotline or send us an email for immediate assistance.

Our Practice Areas

Our personal injury lawyers offer North Las Vegas residents representation in any of the following matters:

Personal injury is a broad field, and it’s one in which the attorneys at G. Dallas Horton & Associates have a wide range of experience. Depending on the specifics of your case, we may be able to help you recover expenses including medical bills, compensation for lost wages or lost earning potential, and punitive damages for pain, suffering and stress caused by an accident.

If you’ve been hurt as a result of someone else’s negligence, it’s important to consult with a personal injury lawyer, even if you don’t plan on following through with your case. With the potential for long-term financial and emotional consequences, staying informed of your options is just common sense.

When to Sue

Many people are surprised to learn that filing a lawsuit is actually a last resort when it comes to personal injury claims. In many instances, your claim can be settled at the negotiating table, avoiding a drawn-out legal battle for both parties.

At G. Dallas Horton & Associates, we provide the representation that gives you an edge in all personal injury law issues. We will work to ensure your insurance company gives you a fair settlement and will only escalate the matter if we feel there is genuine value in doing so.

Directions From North Las Vegas to Our Office

Located just a short drive from North Las Vegas, the law firm of G. Dallas Horton & Associates is perfectly positioned to represent clients throughout Clark County and beyond. To better serve our region’s diverse demographics, we have many bilingual staff members and pride ourselves on treating clients from all walks of life with dignity and respect.

If you’ve been injured in an accident, contact our office to arrange a free consultation. We’ll review your case and give you a straightforward, easy-to-understand picture of your options. We’ll then help you take the first steps to getting the compensation you deserve, whether they involve negotiating with an insurance company or filing a personal injury lawsuit. Whatever the path ahead brings, you can count on G. Dallas Horton & Associates to provide representation that puts your needs first.

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